Excursion and travel to Kenya, Kenya safari Basics

Kenya excursion and travel

Kenya Safari Essentials Before you embark on your journey through forests, meadows, mountains, deserts and beaches of Kenya, Tours Kenya, with his Kenya Safari Basics, will guide you through the entire process of planning, packing and traveling to the original Safari destination in the world – Kenya.


Planning guided toursĀ a safari in Kenya

Safari Tour Package: Kenya safari planning begins with the selection flight safari to match your interests, fitness, flexibility and an adventurous spirit. Choose from Guided tours (fixed routes, group travel, advance hotel and transportation reservations, tours with park rangers and naturalists for guides), package tours (by analogy with the organized excursions, but also for the group, independent safari tours) as well as honey month safari (for newlyweds or couples celebrating their life together).

Elephant Safasi, KenyaSafari Activities: Decide on flight Kenya Safari can be a little difficult for a large number of trails that run throughout the country. The task can be made easier by zeroing down on the activity you want to engage in a tour in Kenya is. game drives, pictures, game viewing, bird watching, safari trips, boating, canoeing on makoros, horseback riding, elephant safaris, ballooning, quad drives a bicycle, mountain biking, scenic flights, capture games, field studies, tracking gorillas, anti-poaching exercises, etc.

Weather for Kenya safari: Each season has its highlights and Kenya safaris are organized all year round. However, the dry season is considered the best for game viewing most other activities without the incessant tropical rain upper back.

Packing for your Kenya safari

Clothing: Layering is key to keeping warm in Kenya. Must be in any safari include a pair of khaki cotton pants, a pair of sturdy pants, 2 long-sleeved shirts to protect from the sun and heat), and with short sleeves or T-shirt, light sweater or jacket, lightweight and waterproof windbreaker, a pair of sturdy walking / sneakers, sandals ,? 3-5, underwear and socks, bandanas or handkerchiefs, a broad rimmed hat to protect, the official dress for hotel nights and parties, as well as a bathing suit.

Valleys in KenyaOther Essentials: personal hygiene, anti-malaria tablets, a sufficient supply of drugs for your ailments, sun block cream, camera, at least a telephoto lens of 200 mm, a sufficient number of rolls of film, binoculars, torches, towel, sleeping bag (available for rent ), repellents, legal documents, travel insurance, passport and other popular documents are essential for the smooth Kenya Safari tour.

Safety on safari

Follow the basic etiquette and important Safari to make your Kenya safari a memorable and pleasurable journey. Respecting nature and wildlife of Kenya, you will ensure your own safety and that of your family. The following are basic and easy to follow the rules of the jungle:

  • Do not drive off the road. This leads to erosion, the destruction of natural vegetation and weed growth.
  • Not too loud, honking the horn, and blast your stereo. It will scare the animals away and you will not have to see anything.
  • Note the animals from a distance without interfering. Photo from a distance with a camera equipped with a telephoto lens.
  • Do not tease, chase or corner a wild animal, or to take their anger.
  • Avoid the use of floodlights on the night drives. This leads to temporary blindness and distortion for nocturnal animals.
  • Do not pick up or put domesticated living creature in the wild, or in any other diversion of stocks and the ecology of the park.
  • Do not bring pets with you on a safari in Kenya.
  • Do not imitate animal sounds, clap or throw objects to attract the attention of animals.
  • Listen to the guide. He knows what he is talking about.
  • maintain a safe distance from the animals.
  • Do not encourage poaching or hunting.
  • Do not feed wild animals, even if they vygl
  • Do not feed wild animals, even if they look so adorable.
  • Do not litter the ground anywhere on your Kenya Safari. This can kill the animals by poisoning or choking.
  • Do not smoke in the game reserve. You may be responsible for a raging forest or bush fire.

Check-list before you board the flight to Kenya

  • Valid passport for international tourists
  • Valid visa
  • One other picture ID (driver’s license etc)
  • Photocopy of passport page to carry in wallet
  • Air tickets
  • Money (internationally acceptable credit cards)
  • Recommended inoculations and prescription medicines
  • Travel insurance
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Other essentials